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The Golden Gate Bridge Constantly Blaring a Creepy Alien-Like Sound Seems Like a Problem

Recently construction was done on the Golden Gate Bridge to make it more aerodynamic when it gets really windy. Engineers got to work and installed new sidewalk barriers to counter the wind, but they didn't account for the possibility of it generating an eerie, creepy alien-like sound when wind happened. I present to you a problem. 

Watch the first video and you think it could be a kinda soothing sound right? Almost like a meditating noise to calm you. Then you see what it sounds like on the bridge and I might just veer off a drive into the water. 

How could they be installing these barriers and not realize there was a blaring, unbearable sound coming from the bridge. It's not like that sound just happened the moment they finished construction. That had to come up in the middle of the installation and they just kept going like nothing was happening. You mean to tell me no one spoke up? Not a single soul pondered if creating this blaring sound would be troublesome or any sort of a nuisance for those driving on the bridge? No one bothered to call a supervisor and put the phone up the bridge asking if it was cool it sounded like an alien was hovering over us? Hey boss, the bridge is singing now and it sounds like the apocalypse is about to start you think we should keep going? Ah you know what never mind we're probably just imaging things, no need for the call. 

Could you imagine driving on that bridge at night? That's basically inviting yourself into a Stephen King movie. I've seen The Mist. No fucking thanks on that one, man. You enter the bridge, you don't see the other side. 

P.S. The Golden Gate Bridge is wildly overrated. It's just a big red bridge. When I visited San Francisco we took a mini-hike up to a viewing spot where we could take a nice picture. I mean it's just really windy and cold the whole time. Probably took us three hours to drive there, walk, and do the whole thing. What an incredible waste of time. The Golden Gate Bridge should not be on anyone's bucket list whatsoever.