Floyd Mayweather Clowns Conor McGregor About His "Retirement" On Instagram

In the words of longtime Stoolie Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal, "Aw damn."

I don't really know how to respond to that one on behalf of Team McGregor, so I'll just point out the fact that Floyd can't read. 

It's a pretty dece burn, especially considering Conor did, in fact, just tell Mike Tyson that he could beat Floyd if they fought a second time....

Can't pull that shit and the retirement shit all in the span of a few days - I know ya can't. Floyd knows you can't, too, and pretty brilliantly took advantage of that here.

I'll say this - I hope Conor waits like 5-7 years and then fights Floyd again. I'm very confident that the 2027 version of Conor McGregor KOs the 2027 version of Floyd Mayweather if that left hand connects. Til then, though, please just commit to the cage.

If you're looking for my full thoughts on McGregor's retirement, I wrote about em here....