'It's Easy As Fuck. I Literally Bend Over And Take A Picture Of My Bum' - An Austalian Race Car Driver Walked Away From The Sport To Start Making $1 Million On OnlyFans

Meet Renee Gracie: 

She's 25 years old and from Australia. She was also a racing prodigy. She was the first Australian woman to compete full-time in the Porsche Carrera Cup competition in 2013. She also didn't make any money from the sport according to her. But not even close to her best quote, this line cracks me up (h/t RT) 

Speaking more about her decision to furnish fans with bare-all content on request, Renee said it was "easy money" and that she planned to cash in for as long as she could.

"It's easy as f*ck. I literally just bend over, take a picture of my bum, upload and people love it," Gracie said

Australian people saying bum will always be funnier than ass or butt. That's just a fact. Also saying she just literally bends over takes a picture and uploads it. That does seem easy. It's also wildly effective. According to the Daily Telegraph she's making $1 million on the site: 

In total, Gracie reportedly boasts 7000 subscribers, meaning the former racer now makes $90,650 every month, or $1,087,800 per year, assuming the subscribers all stick around.

Now with this out there she cost herself any chance of getting back into racing. That said. Seems like a no-brainer. Making a million bucks? No risk of crashing. Not having to sit in a car for a few hours? That's a win. Also her best finish was 18th out of 48 races, so don't think 'win' was necessarily coming for her. 

Either way, this is just a blog honoring a great business decision. Going from $0 to $1,000,000 is a smart decision.