LA Galaxy Release Aleksander Katai For His Wife's Comments On Instagram

Above you are looking at Aleksandar Katai and his wife, Tea. Unless you are a soccer fan, the chances of you hearing Aleksander or his wife's name was low. Katai is a decent soccer player, nothing special. His 2020 season was not off to a great start, but his prior seasons showed hope for improvement. Prior to Friday, he played for the LA Galaxy. That was until he got cut. Why? Well, his wife's Instagram stories caused a stir:

Katai was released by the Galaxy on Friday:

The Galaxy are a private soccer club, so they can mostly do what they want. However, Katai is a part of a union, the MLS Players Association. Maybe I haven't seen the reports, but where is the MLS Players Association? I just checked their Twitter and saw nothing. One of their members just got fired for his wife's actions and they have nothing to say? That's a dangerous precedent set by a union that has a mission statement that centers around "empower(ing) the players of the MLS." If Katai came out and supported his wife's comments then this termination would make a lot more sense, but he did the exact opposite prior to his "mutually agreed upon" release. 


I have no idea how much MLS players have to pay to their union, but part of those union dues is insurance for when you feel that ownership is abusing their authority….and now the MLSPA is silent? Just because the Galaxy reported that this was "mutually agreed" upon? Does every MLS player's employment now depend on their wife's comments? Should MLS players now "control" their wives to make sure that they don't do anything wrong? Should they approve of every social media post that their wives post? That seems a bit sexist. Would an NWSL player be kicked off the team if her husband did the same thing? I have a feeling she wouldn't. 

Also, to the LA Galaxy fans who say they don't want to root for a racist? That's great. You shouldn't support any racist. However, if we are playing connect the dots, you should be aware that you're cheering for a team that is owned by a guy that has a foundation that has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to Christian organizations that are seen as Anti-LGBTQ+. Pretty sure under the equation of hating Aleksander Katai, you must also hate the owner of your team. I'd ask those Galaxy fans…where does that leave you?