A German Soccer Player Blaming A Missed Penalty Kick On An Empty Stadium Is My Favorite Spinzone In The History Of Spinzones

[Source] - As the 29-year-old was preparing to take the pen, one of Cologne's defenders told Horn which way he likes to shoot which the striker claims affected his decision making. 

He fired his effort low toward the bottom left hand corner and Horn dived full stretch to make the stop. Speaking after the game, he said: "I made the biggest mistake you can make as a penalty taker. Crappy ghost games.

What a mental midget this guy is. Granted it's an all-time spin zone, but flat out admitting someone saying which way you like to shoot affecting your decision making? Be a winner for me one time Florian. Oh you like to shoot a certain way? Guess what? Hit the ball correctly and strike it well and you're scoring regardless. Not comfortable with that? Adjust and shoot it a different way, go mid net left instead of low left. 

Now that said I can't wait for this to be an excuse for everything. People gotta be pissed a German soccer player was the first to bring it up. Oh some NBA player goes 5-for-20 in a playoff game? Those damn empty seats. The communication was too clear and they adjusted to my game. You know who would really love this? Cody Parkey. Imagine if Double Doink took place without fans there? 

I don't know if it's just being starved for sports or whatever, but I gotta admit the fake crowd noise and no fans hasn't been as weird as I expected. I still love the idea of players being miked up. Let us hear the real shit on the field and court. Give us two channels, one with announcers and censored and then one that we can watch freely.