Hard Factor Radio 6/8: Iowa Strength Coach Needs to Tighten Up, Churchill Statue Defaced, 10-Year Treasure Hunt Comes To An End

Hard Factor Radio is back on Sirius XM's Barstool Radio and today's top stories and comments include, Iowa Strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle is a racist dickhead (allegedly), Sen. Tom Cotton's Op-ed on "shooting down" all the protesters created turmoil inside the New York Times, protests in England grow larger and Churchill was a racist(?), defunding the police, Shark activists are swarming, and a 10-year treasure hunt comes to an end...

First up, Dickhead #1: Chris Doyle.  

Dickhead #2: Crossfit CEO Greg Glass.

Next up, a surfer in Australia died after losing a leg to a shark bite.  The surfer was pulled to shore by other swimmers, but unfortunately bled out.  Police were dispatched to kill the shark in accordance with local laws regarding lethal sharks.  One shark activist commenter failed to read the room when weighing in and really misjudged the community's love for sharks.  

Finally, a treasure hunt that has been going on for 10 years and cost 4 people their lives and countless imbeciles their jobs and marriages, has come to an end after Forrest Fenn confirms the finding of his Million dollar chest in the Rocky Mountains.  The identity of the finder has not been released, so I'd keep an eye out for any of your friends who may start making some upgrades in their life… 

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