What The Hell Are The Golden State Warriors Trying To Do Here?

[Source] - Sources have indicated to The Chronicle that if the Warriors land the No. 1 pick and decide not to trade down, they’ll likely take Georgia guard Anthony Edwards. If Golden State lands anywhere between Nos. 2 and No. 5, it’ll strongly consider Iowa State’s Tyrese Haliburton, Auburn’s Isaac Okoro and Israel’s Deni Avdija, among others.

I know it's weird to talk about the NBA Draft or even the possibility of the NBA Draft considering we're months away with the new schedule. But what are the Warriors doing here? First off, the fact that this report is out there is obviously on purpose. That's why I'm confused to start. Teams don't just tip draft picks, especially this far out. Don't get me wrong Anthony Edwards being the No. 1 pick isn't crazy or anything, he's really fucking good. 

But look at the Warriors roster. They have Steph, Klay and now Andrew Wiggins. You know who makes the most sense for them? James Wiseman. Take the big and you can play Wiseman at the 5 with Draymond at the 4. Now if you want to run that Draymond at the small ball 5, yeah, sure Anthony Edwards makes sense. Except not with Andrew Wiggins. At least I don't see it that way. What made the Hampton 5 so good is you had a 7-footer in Kevin Durant, you have Klay and Iggy who can switch anything and Draymond obviously. 

Now you know who could fill that Durant role? 

It seems like once a week there's a new Giannis to the Warriors rumor. I'm still very, very skeptical on it. Giannis is a different dude and I honestly think he just wants to stay in Milwaukee forever, especially true with how they are building the team for him. But with the Warriors floating it out there and remember every leaked story like this is done on purpose, there's a reason here. Who are they trying to entice for a trade or something along those lines? 

I do find it intriguing that Wiseman isn't listed by name on that report. Also this Draft is going to be crazy. There's going to be a limited Combine at most. There won't be workouts. Scouting departments are really going to have to rely on tape and talking to coaches and people within the college/international game and front offices are really going to have to trust those scouts. That could save teams. Working out against a chair won't matter too much.