Wake Up With The Construction Of The Raiders New $1.8 Billion Stadium In Las Vegas

Credit to YouTube's algorithm for this one. I LOVE time lapse construction videos of stadiums. Very niche, but very me. This video was sweet. That english accent talking about a Vegas football stadium sealed the deal. That place looks spectacular. That tinted glass roof and the 85ft 3D printed statue thing decided to Al Davis...how the fuck do you 3D print a statue? I don't really understand 3D printing at all. What I do understand is what makes a sweet stadium. The ability to have open air, grass that is wheeled in and out, and natural light while being a dome are at the top of the list. I really just wanted to give people a little taste...football is going to be back before we know it. Sure, there won't be any fans, but the stadium itself is going to be sweet.