Rocky Flop: Tennessee Fails to Show Up at Rose Bowl, Virginia Tech Wins BCS National Title






All of those words accurately describe the feeling Tennessee Head Coach Gus Duggerton is feeling right now. This comes just minutes after his Volunteers came up short vs. the Virginia Tech Hokies in the 2018 BCS National Championship Game on Sunday night, 49-29.

"I couldn't have played worse," Coach Duggs said after his first ever appearance on the game's biggest stage. "I'm sorry to everyone. I played the worst game of my entire career, in the National Championship Game vs. Virginia Tech, and I got fucking smoked."

Nothing clicked for the Volunteers tonight on either side of the ball. Offensively, there was some expectation that Tennessee QB Caleb Pressley would come out with an extra sense of motivation after getting snubbed of the Heisman Trophy just a few days ago. 

Based off what we saw tonight, the senior was anything but motivated.


Six, yes, six interceptions in Pressley's final game as a Volunteer. You've got to hope that this doesn't severely crush his NFL Draft stock after a performance like this. Hopefully the scouts focus on the 13-0 start and touchdowns out the wazoo this guy threw all season long. 

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If zero of the 32 teams are interested in Caleb Pressley, I've got a good feeling that a sports media company that rhymes with "carpool" would love to work something out with him.

On the defensive side of the ball, if we are being real, these 11 men never stood a chance. Virginia Tech absolutely toyed with Tennessee's defense all night long.


Let's keep things glass half full for a moment, though. There were two major positives that came out of tonight's stream. First, JoJo Smalls. This man was the ONLY reason Tennessee had a fighting chance as the game went along.


And while Tennessee may not have put up the offensive numbers Coach Duggs wanted, we can confirm that more than 100,000 people were on hand for this one!


If we are being real here, that is just an unbelievable number. There are streamers out there who work years and years to hopefully reach five figures. For Coach Duggs? Six figures. Two months. No problem. 

After the game, there was a little bit of trouble in paradise between Coach Duggs and QB1...

And with this season in the books, the lone question that remains: What is next for Gus Duggerton?


Does he stay or does he go? A lot of work is ahead to get back to the same opportunity he had tonight. We will find out in about 22 hours LIVE on the PMT Twitch Channel.