A Big Part Of NHL Re-Opening Phase 3 That Isn't Being Discussed: Hype Videos

We are getting close. Skating starts soon. Real games will probably start first we of August. It feels so far away still, but things are getting better. I am SO desperate for sports that I've spent a good amount of the day just feasting on hype videos. I've convinced myself that once guys get their legs under them we are actually going to get some GREAT hockey. It'll be different, but I can't imagine the intensity will be an issue. I don't care if you're playing beer pong, darts, or whatever. When the lights come on, these guys, some of the greatest athletes and competitors in the world, are going to show up and they're going to want it. I watched three hype videos and I was ready to press go and beat the shit out of Oilers fans. I think everyone is going to be on the same page come August. A two month sprint with games around the clock and the fire turned up hotter than the air outside. Literally can not wait. Let's go.