8 Years Ago Today, LeBron Had The Greatest Performance In NBA Playoff History

I want you to go back to 2012. The Celtics just went up 3-2 on the Heat in the ECF and as the Heat were leaving the arena the infamous "good job, good effort" kid was heard. 

All you heard on Twitter, from your friends, and ESPN was how "LeBron wasn't clutch." We are about a year removed from LeBron's less than stellar performance against the Mavs. Did that prove LeBron wasn't clutch? Of course not, this was the guy that scored the last 25 points against the Pistons on a team with a PG named Boobie Gibson.

Anyways, back to 2012. More specifically, June 6th:

Side note: Remember that First Take set? That's when First Take was truly out of control. Just two GOATs going at it every day. 

Now, let's move onto June 7th:

The greatest game ever. With his back up against the wall. LeBron became the 2nd player in NBA history to have 45 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 assists in a playoff game. The only other guy to do that was Wilt Chamberlin. You know what Wilt didn't do in his game? Create an all-time meme:

I'm not sure that I will ever forget this game. I still remember watching in shock as LeBron ended the Celtics "dynasty." There is a lot of revisionist history that goes into this game. The Celtics went from "having LeBron's number" to "being a bunch of old guys who took LeBron to 7 games." That isn't that surprising because the city of Boston has a very bad case of LDS (Lebron Derangement Syndrome). To this day they still haven't found a cure. 

His performance on the court and the meaning of the game makes it an all-time performance for me. Everywhere you looked we were told that LeBron was done. He couldn't win the big game! Couldn't make the big shot! Then he went on the road, dropped 45 in an elimination game, and then went on to win his first championship. GOAT.