We talked about Sean O'Malley making a statement with his KO over Eddie Wineland earlier, but we just saw Aljamain Sterling throw HIS Performance of the Night submission into the hat, as well, and this one'll probably earn him a title shot! It SHOULD, at least! 

Dude came outta his corner DETERMINED like I've never seen  and backpacked his way to that finish almost immediately! 

It was probably this video that hyped him up....

Heartwarming! Legitimately!

As I mentioned in my preview blog earlier, the UFC Bantamweight Division is a total mess right now. 

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Henry Cejudo retired a few weeks ago and vacated the title, so the UFC set up the #3 ranked Petr Yan vs the #6 ranked Jose Aldo for that championship now...which makes almost zero sense. They actually pulled Petr Yan out of a fight with the #1 ranked Marlon Moraes to make that happen, which, again, makes even less sense, and proves that rankings don't really matter - which I suppose we've known for a while.

Aljamain Sterling getting the winner of that fight is the only thing in the bantamweight division that DOES make sense, so I really hope he gets it. I'm not alone, either....

It's a looooooong time coming for the NY fighter with this streak….

Unfortunately, though, Aljo DID take an L in his post-fight interview tonight….


Nah, but for real, Aljamain gave a beautiful message to those fighting the good fight right now….