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Roger Goodell Says The NFL Was Wrong For Not Listening To Players Who Protested Racism

Holy shit, did Roger Goodell actually admit the NFL was wrong about something? That only happens when the fabric of the entire league appears to be tearing apart at the seams, which *checks newspaper* I think is fair to say was the case here. If I had to guess which subject has been blogged about most since Barstool was born almost two decades ago, it would be Roger Goodell being a hardheaded asshole that refuses to admit wrongdoing no matter how blatantly wrong he is. Hence him being the star of the turquoise shirt with the big red clown nose in the middle of it. So to say a statement like this was a bit of a surprise is fair while also realizing he had to say something like that after everything that has happened the last week along with this video from some of the NFL's biggest stars.

Obviously there was no mention of Colin Kaepernick but I think we all know the 32 people/groups that Goodell works for more to say about what's gone on with Kap's job status than Roger The Dodger himself, who I'm sure they'll wheel out to be their sacrificial lamb if need be.

Apologies for getting this up on the blog so late but I was out of the house like many people are after 6 PM on a Friday night when the NFL just so happened to dump publish this very important video that was apparently filmed on the worst SD camera that the Goodell house had despite shooting a 3 day draft in 4K at the very same place like a month ago.