Michael Jordan And The Jordan Brand Are Donating $100 MILLION To Support Social Justice Causes That Promote Racial Equality

I think many people were waiting for Michael Jordan to respond to everything going on in the country and he came through like Jordan in the fourth. I could insert a picture of MJ looking at an iPad or joke about Jordan wanting to make this sizable donation after seeing LeBron take such a stand about all the injustice happening in the country to lighten the mood. But the bottom line is $100 million is a shitload of money that can make a legitimate change in the world and the statement that black lives matter isn't a controversial statement. It's a true statement that everyone that supports life should get behind. I don't know what the next 10 minutes have in store for the country let alone the next 10 years. But as we learned for five straight weeks this year, when Michael Jordan gets behind something, he usually ends up victorious.