Philadelphia Police Officers Spotted Shaking Down Protester For Watch And Cash To Avoid Arrest

Things are tense right now, obviously. Wherever you stand on anything, it is impossible to deny that fact. 

Is it my job to lighten the world's mood right now? Of course not. Did I figure I'd take my best swing at getting a couple chuckles on twitter? Sure. So I tweeted a couple screenshots from Always Sunny with a satirical caption.

The last thing I want to do right now is muddy up the already confusing waters, so I figured the caption and pictures would be clear satire. I mean, it is very clearly a screenshot from Always Sunny. Even if you live under a rock and don't know the show, Danny DeVito is very famous and easily identifiable. Also, police cats do not exist to my knowledge. However, moments after tweeting this, I received this message from someone who works at a local news affiliate in Philadelphia.

At first I figured it was someone trolling right along with me, but after a quick inspection of their profile, I determined that was not the case. As I mentioned earlier, my intention all along was just to make a joke, I don't want to waste this hardworking woman's time…but I really don't have a ton to do today so I figured I would pass along an even more obviously satirical response.

A cat named special agent Jack Bauer, an undercover cop disguised as Serpico? She has to pick up on this now, right? Right? Wrong.

I kind of am 50/50 at this point on whether or not she's playing along. But that second 50 percent triggers some guilt, so I pass along what would end up being our final exchange.


Aaaaaand blocked. You really do hate to see it. All of the guilt I was feeling for leading this person on erased just like that. Not even an "lol" or "good one?" I would've taken a "fuck you" or "go away" even. This resulting in a no message block just doesn't feel like the proper conclusion, but I'm still happy the journey itself happened.