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Author Of Fake Rolling Stone "Rape On Campus" Article Issues Formal Apology...To Everyone Except The Kids Whose Lives She Ruined

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Got a full breakdown of this coming tomorrow but just wanted to get this apology from Sabrina Rubin Erdely up, after Columbia found her “Rape on Campus” article failed even the most “basic, routine journalistic practices” and Rolling Stone completely retracted it. A classy, prompt apology.

Ha, just kidding, it’s the first time anyone has heard from her in literally 6 months, and she apologized to everyone except the Phi Psi guys she slandered. Seriously, check out her Twitter. Nonstop tweets and retweets about her article and all her appearances on every single show on TV then…nothing. Not a peep. Felt the heat coming and disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Hey at least she apologized to the hack magazine that agreed to publish her story without fact checking it. Sure they’re real broken up about the 10 billion pageviews they got.

PS – This is my favorite part. She’ll still be writing for them. HAHA

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