Natty Bound? (1) Tennessee Clashes With (12) Ole Miss in SEC Championship This Afternoon

Head Coach Gus Duggerton has been to a conference title game twice in his career before today. One resulted in a win (USC), and the other a blowout loss (FSU). But neither of them led him to the National Championship game.

That can all change today.

At 3 PM ET, (1) Tennessee battles (12) Ole Miss in the 2017 SEC Title game from Atlanta. Everything is on the line for Coach Duggs, and there is really no in between for today's outcome.

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It will either be the highest of highs, or lowest of lows. Can you imagine all this hard work after going 12-0 in the regular season, only for it to be deemed irrelevant with a loss today?

But the beauty of this all is that Tennessee controls its own destiny. Could the Vols still backdoor their way in with a close loss? Perhaps. But a win would be quite fitting and well-deserved. This is also one last chance for Heisman candidates Caleb Pressley and JoJo Smalls to boost their resume, so we'll see how Coach Duggs approaches that aspect of things.

We're live from Barstool HQ in just about two hours, where Coach Duggs hopes to be hoisting a trophy shortly after.