The NCAA Just Hammered Oklahoma State With Penalties Due To The FBI Investigation And Now They Might Lose The No. 1 Recruit In The Country

This is fucking brutal for Oklahoma State. You have the No. 1 recruit in the country in Cade Cunningham coming to campus for a year. They had a top-10 recruiting class. Now? They have nothing because the NCAA handed them a one-year postseason ban, three years probation and scholarship reductions. That's a massive hit from the NCAA, especially when you consider Oklahoma State isn't close to the heaviest offender from this FBI investigation. If they are getting hit like this, you have to assume LSU, Arizona, Kansas and Louisville (all are way more heavily involved) will get hit even more. But then again, this came right from the NCAA and not the the independent council the other programs are going to. 

This is where the NCAA sucks. The people at Oklahoma State had nothing to do with this. Mike Boynton was running the program. Cade Cunningham and company weren't involved. Yet they are the ones getting punished. I don't know how you can punish a program yet not punish those who had nothing to do with the allegations. 

But really now it's all eyes on Cade Cunningham. He could go to the G League Select team with Jalen Green and that group. If he didn't sign a LOI, he could decide to go elsewhere. He could in theory ask out of his LOI if Oklahoma State lets him. Cunningham is a damn good player too

Remember Cunningham's brother is on staff at Oklahoma State. He might still feel like he wants to go play there, have a great regular season and just deal with it. He's going to be a top-5 pick next year barring disaster. It just sucks we don't have an option to see him in March - for now.