How Far Ya'll Think Emily Caitlin Faulkner Drilled This Golf Ball?

I'm not a golfer, but I do have laser focus, and my laser focus is beaming down on that golf club right now. Nowhere else in the picture whatsoever. That is.... a 56 degree wedge and don't even think about telling me otherwise.

So the answer? The answer is probably about 20-30 yards tops. 

But let's get down to brass tacks here for a moment. For an auditory aid and to set the mood for this blog, I'd like you to click play on the video below before scrolling: 

If any woman deserves to get The Masters theme song playing while a bunch of 42 year old internet perverts are scrolling on their phones during a visual pictorial of herself, our girl Emily here does. 



Sorry, her IG is private so I couldn't link more pics, didn't realize that until now but but you can can find said instagram here. When you're done refreshing her page to see if she's finally accepted your follow request, you can tune into myself, Smitty and Balls pulverizing people in Verdansk:

Let's get it.