The Nationals Anthony Rendon Doesn't Like Watching Baseball Because It's Too Long and Boring

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WaPo - Staying home for the All-Star break wasn’t a big deal for Rendon, who said he never watched the game growing up. In fact, Rendon said he rarely watches the sport, preferring programs on networks such as the History channel instead. “I don’t watch baseball — it’s too long and boring,” he said. In addition, Rendon and his family have a rule that they won’t talk about baseball when he visits. It’s clear Rendon, 24, has been able to separate his business from his personal life.


Here, here Anthony Rendon. I love baseball getting a mollywhopping the last couple of days. The backlash from not having a Tony Gwynn tribute because MLB’s mouths were too stuck on Jeter’s scrotum, Wainwright then giving the finger to a “game that counts” by letting Jeter hit a double, and now Rendon saying baseball is too boring even for him to watch. A guy who makes a living playing baseball can’t even stand to watch baseball. And he’s not even saying it in a douchey or holier than thou way like when actors say they don’t watch their own movies. He just can’t fucking stand to watch a pitcher take 3 minutes between pitches. And I think most of us are right there with him. Going to a baseball game is awesome. Food and beers and sitting outside, fantastic. But a mid July Marlins vs Astros game? Goodness gracious. And I generally like baseball. I like it so much that I like two teams. But Rendon isn’t wrong. Sometimes the sport is unwatchable. And despite all the hoopla around this year’s All Star Game, rating were up 1% over last year. 1. The game is losing interest in the public. I do fully believe 90% has to do with Selig. Once he’s gone and hopefully someone with a brain and uses a computer in their daily life steps in, things will turn around.