This Guy Thinks He's Hot Shit Because He Knows How To Tie His Boots Super Fast

Get a load of this guy over here. Buddy thinks his shit don't stink because he's faster than the rest of us at tying his boots? Thinks he's the king of tying knots or some shit? Get real, pal. I mean is that super fucking cool? Absolutely. Am I 100% going to use this trick if I can still remember it whenever boot season rolls around again? For sure. But you can quit sucking your own dick about it. You think you're better than me? How about you get yourself a pair of Chelsea boots like a real adult and then you don't have to lace up at all. Now I'm the one saving you 20 minutes of your life. Prick. 

Guys. It's a pretty slow news morning. I'm sorry but this is really all I have to work with right now. Unless you want me to blog about the jobs report or something like that, it's boot lace tying videos from here on out. 

P.S. - Loop, swoop, pull for life.