Portuguese Soccer Club Benfica's Bus Was Attacked By Its Own Fans On A Major Road After An Embarrassing 0-0 Tie

I believe this is example 951,309,681 as to why European soccer fans are fucking insane. Benfica is a major club in Portugal, winning the league 37 times. But you tie a no-name squad 0-0 one time and this is what happens. This is fucking insane. The bus was attacked by rocks on a major road! Not only that but players were actually injured from glass shattering and hitting them. 

And if that's not enough, houses started getting vandalized during this all. 

Just fucking batshit crazy fans. We're talking about a tie! Sure, Benfica shouldn't tie a squad like Tondela, but it wasn't even a loss. Shit happens in one game. I just can't imagine stories like this in American sports. Sure there are stories of boos, threats online and even poisoning trees, but throwing rocks at a team bus on a major road? That would be a wild day on Twitter in America. 

Maybe, just maybe, don't attack your own team's bus. Try not hurting your team's players. Seems like that may be the way to go. Just do the normal thing and scream, maybe punch a hole in your own wall and get pissed while sending angry tweets to no one.