What Do We Think Of People Who Raw Dog Their Nuggets?

Earlier today I shared some very personal thoughts on McDonald's dipping sauces that ultimately ended with Sweet & Sour at #1. Not a lot of complaints there so let's not waste time. If you know Barstool Chicago then ranking global dipping sauces should register as 2nd nature. All of it makes sense. 

Here's where things went off the rails though. 

Eddie claimed that McDonald's sauces don't meet his standard of excellence. There's no compromise on bbq or SnS or honey mustard. His palate rewards only the best and McDonald's sauces are on the other side while I mainline a ranch that's been bukkake'd repeatedly with buffalo shrapnel. 

Then there's Ed. 

He likes it the Old Fashioned way. A good clean crisp raw dog, hold the sauce. A professional move if we're being honest, but one I don't think can be executed consistently without going clinically insane. No joke come week 5 I'd be clawing my eyes out without SnS but thats just me, Barstool Carl, Registered Non-Serial Killer. 

So you tell me. Is raw dogging your nuggets allowed? Do you need to host an intervention for your buddy? Are there such things as horse socks? 

TUNE IN TO BARSTOOL AT NIGHT TO FIND OUT - 10:30/11:30pm featuring Barstool Chicago. Tonight Eddie faces off against WSD in trivia... two guys who love to raw dog two completely different things. I like WSD on the moneyline.