Wake Up With The Implosion Of The Kingdome In Seattle

NOTE- def don't watch with headphones in.

I'm a sucker for stadium demolitions. IDK what it is, but they're neat to watch. Here we have the Kingdome, home to the Mariners, Seahawks, and I believe the Sonics even played some games there. They moved just next door to the house that Griffey helped build, and obviously the Seahawks now play in CenturyLink Field. It's insane how loud this is, I mean if you're in a 10 mile radius, this thing is probably shaking your house. All the explosives going off up and down the stadium and taking it down is mesmerizing, especially with all the camera angles they gave us. 0 work is getting done in the city too, everyone focused on watching this beaut come down, dust and all that everywhere, it's quite a scene. I am happy these ash tray domed looking stadiums are gone now and we have the awesome looking ones. The perfectly round circles were so damn boring to look at, you can tell this was an old ass one that needed a facelift. Crazy how close the Mariners new park was to this one too, little margin for error if something goings wrong with that TNT. And that was talking buildings.

Enjoy your Friday, folks.