Nate Burleson's Heartbreaking Story Of His Grandfather's Murder, In Response To Drew Brees, Can Educate All Of Us

I've tried to do my very best to listen and learn over the past week. I know a week is nothing and that simple of a thing should have been going on for years, but it wasn't and that's why we're here. Obviously it's impossible for a guy like me with white privilege to put myself in a black man's shoes, but what I can do is educate myself. We all can do that. Nate Burleson's four minute story here about his grandfather's death is as heartbreaking as it is powerful and educational for all of us. Just hit play and take out four minutes from the rest of your day. It's that powerful. 

Incredibly moving stuff by Nate there. That had to be so hard to talk about, but I'm very glad he did. Stories like these are going to do one helluva job in helping us realize how broken our country is right now. It's going to break our hearts ten ways to Sunday, but goddamn do need this shit to be heard by everyone. Shit is just terrible what's been going on in the past and is continuing to happen to this day. It's sickening and unacceptable. Just listen. It can go such a long way.