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New York City Had 0 Confirmed Coronavirus Deaths Wednesday For The First Time Since March 11th

NYDN- For the first day in months, New York City witnessed zero confirmed deaths due to coronavirus, current records show. The first confirmed COVID-19 death in the Big Apple occurred on March 11 with the death toll reaching its horrible peak at 590 on April 7, according to records put out by the city.

Hey Covid, tell me how New York's ass tastes! I know we are nowhere near to being out of the woods with this whole coronavirus mess since even the article described four deaths as potentially being coronavirus related.

Those same records show that there were zero confirmed coronavirus deaths Wednesday, with three deaths listed as having a “probable” connection to COVID-19. Those probable deaths could later be reclassified as confirmed as more information emerges. Despite that caveat, the news offers a glimmer of hope to New Yorkers who’ve been awash in tragedy for months.

But considering all the shit that we've gone through as a city, state, country, and planet the last few months, I'm chalking up the one-time epicenter of a global pandemic as having no recorded as a W for now. We've come a long way from gigantic medical boats arriving and infection graphs looking like Davey Day Traders portfolio over the last week.

Obviously I don't know what's going to happen next and I can guarantee you 2020 has his thinking cap on for what type of nightmarish shit he is going to unleash on humanity next. But I'm chalking this up as a win for everyone that did the right thing by being quarantined in their shoebox apartments for weeks on end as well as the awesome medical professionals on the front lines of this bullshit continue to fight the virus to try to get everyone home and healthy.