Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker Team Up To Cover Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name". And It Goes Hard AF.

Not gonna get into the politics of this song, or the images in the video. I know that's ridiculous given that's pretty much the entire point behind Rage Against The Machine. So spare me the lecture, I get it.

This cover dropped a few hours ago and it's fuckin awesome.

Loudwire - The idea started to gain momentum Wednesday (June 3), with Machine Gun Kelly calling upon Barker to come record the cover. Now, a day later, a video for the cover has arrived, complete with footage from the protests of the past week.

"They wrote this song in 1992. It's been 28 years since and every word still applies," says Kelly on his description of the Rage Against the Machine cover video. The clip ends with a solitary message: "End Systematic Racism."

Kelly and Barker have previously teamed up on record, appearing along with Yungblud on the 2019 single, "I Think I'm OKAY." Yungblud makes a cameo in the protest footage from the "Killing in the Name" video as well.

"Killing in the Name" appeared on Rage Against the Machine's self-titled debut album.

Not sure if you could ask for a better duo on this one.

Two of the better people in the entertainment industry. Regardless if you're into their music or not, Travis and MGK are both super fucking talented and hard-working guys.  

Line the beginning of this cover's drum rudiments up with the original and you can't tell the difference. That's how good Travis is. MGK is no Zack De La Rocha but he isn't too shabby on this. 

We got robbed of the Rage reunion show in Chicago at the end of May. Run The Jewels opening for them. Would have been absolutely epic. Now it's not slated until July of 2021. Hopefully, the aliens don't come and hit the reset button before then and we're able to see that show.

Seeing them in 2008 at Lollapalooza was one of the most intense moments of my life. The second the air raid sirents started going off people started absolutely losing their shit. They greeted the crowd with "Good evening Chicago, we are Rage Against The Machine from Los Angeles, California" then dropped right into "Testify" and it was pandemonium. 

They had to stop the show like 5 or 6 times because it was getting too out of hand in the crowd. People would calm down for 10 seconds, catch their breathe, and then go ape shit again as soon as the band started back up.

Cannot even imagine what these shows will be like next year.