Texas WR Brennan Eagles Says He Will Not Play A Further Down "Knowing What's Going On In Our Society Due To Color And The System Being Broken"

This is a significant statement from Brennan Eagles. 

"Do you really think athletics should be a main focus right now during this time that we live in?" Eagles continues on, "I'm not going to play another snap knowing what's going on in our society due to color and our system being broken." 

Texas' first game is in 93 days. Unfortunately, the system will not be fixed in those 93 days. That would quite literally be impossible unless there is a specific fix that Eagles is asking for, which he did not include in his statement. 

I'm going to assume that Eagles is serious. I have no reason to think he would say something of this significance and then not follow through with it. He won't play another down "knowing what's going on in our society due to color." This is a massive loss from a football perspective. Texas already has to replace Collin Johnson and Devin Duvernay, their top 2 receivers from the 2019 season. Their third top receiver was Brennan Eagles. 

The guys who would have to step up in Brennan Eagles absence will be Jake Smith, Keaontay Ingram (RB), and Malcolm Epps. Texas has a chance to be very good this year and the WRs will be a very important part in their potential success.

Is it possible Eagles does play? Of course. That decision is, of course, up to him. We can only wait and see.