Florida Man Left His Naked Wife On a Sandbar After She Accused Him Of Blowing Another Guy



DailyMail – A Florida wife was rescued from a remote sandbar wearing nothing but a lifejacket on Sunday after her husband dumped her there following a blazing drunken row on their jet ski. The violent argument was sparked by Pamela Doster, 45, accusing her husband of two-years, David Doster, 49, of engaging in a sex act with another man. Pulled from the Passage Key sands – a famous offshore nudist beach popular with swingers – by boat, Pamela Doster’s testimony led to the arrest of her husband for domestic battery. According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s report, Doster and his wife Pamela were on a Sea-Doo jet ski near to the Passage Key sandbar when they began fighting. According to the report, Pamela told her husband that she had seen him and another man performing oral sex on one another. The report does not specify when and where this occurred, but the arresting officer said that Pamela claimed it involved the men ‘giving each other a blow job’. The report seen by Smoking Gun states that Doster, who was riding the Sea-Doo, threw his wife off the jet ski four times and ‘During the last time she was pulled off she hit her head against the side of the jet ski. he refused to get back on the ski with him and stayed on the sandbar which rests under knee deep water. Her husband tried to get her back on the jet ski but she flat out refused and eventually Mike Doster rode away, leaving her there. The beach at Passage Key plays host to many nude swimmers in the warm waters of the Gulf all through the year. It is not known if Mike Doster was piloting the jet ski in the nude at the time of the altercation.

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