Let The Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Return Speculation Begin!

Is this all just Twitter speculation and rumors? Yup! Do I care? Not one bit! The longer the Nets go without officially ruling Kyrie and Durant out the more and more we're going to see shit like this and I am all for it. You don't know these people's sources. Sure they could just be random Twitter accounts but maybe they're real. I wanted to go back and see what this account said back and February and this is what was tweeted


As you might remember, this came out just a few weeks ago

Now according to the NBA Trade Machine this couldn't happen

and this also presents an issue seeing as how Davis Bertans is an UFA this summer and will be playing for a whole lot more money than his 7M salary was this season. So I'll admit this is a little suspicious but I'm so excited about basketball coming back I'm just going to roll with it.

But back to Durant and Kyrie. I've said it before, but I am hoping they both come back. I want to see a playoffs with the best players all thrown into this weird situation. That 2/7 matchup becomes a whole lot spicier wouldn't you say? Let's say things stay the way they are once the 8 games are completed. That's quite the opening round for TOR and it then gives us the potential for a BKN/BOS series if the Celts were to advance. If Durant and Kyrie are both back by the 4th game and it very much looks like they are a monster duo, do the Celts/Sixers try and get into the 4/5 bracket instead of the 3/6? Would you rather play a MIL team in Round 2 or a 100% healthy BKN? 

That's the type of drama I want in this postseason after all this waiting. Like I said yesterday, I want the Celts to have all the challenges in the world during their 8 game stretch leading up to the playoffs and they play BKN in Game 4. Does Kyrie sit that one out on purpose too only to come back in Game 5? That's a bloggers DREAM. 

So even though I have no idea how credible any of those accounts are or what their track record is when it comes to reporting shit, I'm willing to believe. Until the team tells me it's not happening I'm willing to allow my brain to buy into a Twitter rumor from a random account. That's what this quarantine has done to me and I don't hate it one bit.