I Want This Vegas Casino Job So I Can Pretend To Be Anton Chigurh

Anton Chigurh is one of the iconic bad guys of film. Scary looking as fuck with that creepy-ass pageboy 'do. Beyond sociopath. Kills innocent people with a cattle gun. Has a T-800 demeanor and huge pain tolerance. And [SPOILER ALERT] the motherfucker is still out there (that's why NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is such in awesome movie---the Coens didn't wrap it in a bow for us because they fucking rule). Also, all hail Javier Bardem for one of the all-time performances; that Oscar voting had to be a fucking landslide. 

So if that was my job I would 100% be asking everyone "Would you hold still?" before taking their temp/sending them into the afterlife while internally wondering if playing nickel slots is worth getting COVID. Shoutout to my fellow degens.

Then after that, my other duty would be menacing folks at the "Call It" table where people bet on a coin flip. Maybe even pretend kill them with my thermometer gun when they lose. Honestly surprised Vegas doesn't have this as a table game yet considering how many folks bet the Super Bowl coin flip, though it may well have started since my last trip out there when Malcolm Butler did his thing. I mean, you can risk money on fucking "War" out there so "Call It" feels inevitable. 

(I felt so bad for that old dude the first time I saw this.)