Some Women Get 'Coregasms' While Working Out? Is This Really a Thing?

Source - Have you ever had a coregasm?

Bec Donlan, a fitness trainer who is based in New York, shed light on the topic on Instagram.

She shared a screenshot of a Medium article, where a writer admitted she only “works out her abs for the orgasms”. 

The journalist added: “Coregasms are totally a thing. Sometimes, they’re better than sex with a man”. ...

The fitness guru, who founded Sweat With Bec, was surprised that many of her followers have experienced coregasms.

Her workout challenges, which require you to use ab rollers as you complete 50-100 reps, have even bought intimate pleasure to some.

One fan admitted: “I had an ab roller orgasm during your 100 challenge and to be honest it was one of the best things ever.”

And another confessed she’s stopped going to group exercises classes because they can get her too worked up.

Instead, she works out at home to avoid climaxing in public.

The lass said: “This is literally why I don’t like classes that use ab rollers or certain other core movements.

“It’s awkward as f*** in public.”

Other fitness fans were relieved they’re not the only one to be aroused by ab exercises.

She wrote: “Omg! Happy this is a real thing and I’m not just some weirdo getting turned on by ab rolling."

You know how social media has turned everyone into an expert on everything? Like how people who had never heard of Covid-19 or hydroxychloroquine  three months ago are now full of thoughts about epidemiology and pharmacology and can't wait to share their learned opinions about them? Well I try not to be that guy. I don't comment on things I know nothing about. The female orgasm, for instance. Which is an unfathomable mystery to me because I've never been in the presence of a woman who was having one. Which I chalk up to a streak of bad luck. Because what other reason could there?

Anyhoo ... In an effort to educate myself I found the original Medium article Bec Donlan is referencing here. 

Sorry guys, but some of you don’t even come close to offering the same kind of pleasure I experience on my own at the gym.

Yes, I orgasm when I do certain ab workouts. They’re called “coregasms,” and are scientifically verified by the medical community.

It kind of means I orgasm in public sometimes, but don’t worry, it’s not obscene — at least I think I play it cool, considering what’s going on down there.

I know exactly which workouts do the trick for me, and girls, if you want to test if you might feel the same, this might be a good place to start:

Lying flat on my back, then moving my legs up and down, not bending my knees, and bringing my feet as close to the floor as possible without touching. The more I can hold my legs parallel to the floor without letting my feet touch the floor, the more intense the pleasure. ...

Lastly, abs with the wheel roller. I don’t think I should say more. This one gets me every time.

And I found more about Bec Donlan:

I say again, I can't speak intelligently on this subject or vouch for whether this is true or not. Bec seems to pose with a lot of the exercise equipment mentioned in both articles. So it's possible this is just a ploy by Big Ab Roller to sell more wheels with handles on the side. 

All I'll say is that we should all hope it's true, word gets around and millions of women are drawn to working out who otherwise wouldn't. And that they stop feeling coregasm-shamed because I can promise you, if the shoe were on the other foot, men wouldn't be the tiniest bit shy about letting loose at the gym. Every Planet Fitness from coast to coast would look like Motley Crue's hotel room and the entire nation would have abs like the Spartans in "300." 

So if this is a truly new discovery, congratulations. It sounds like it'll result in an endless cycle of working out, sexual satisfaction and looking better. The biggest win/win/win in history.