This Old Coot Yelling At A Mom Because Her Kids Were Riding A Power Wheels In A Park Without A Drivers License Is The Voice We Need To Hear Right Now

Just as America's lonely eyes were about to give up hope looking for someone that would unite this country during its time of need, in swooped this old bird to complain kids driving exactly one (1) mile per hour in a massive park before even bringing up multiple passengers not wearing their seatbelt. If every single person of the 331 million Americans don't rebuke this ice queen in the name of the Lord, you midas whale just cuncel da cuntry on the spot. Even all the Karens from sea to shining sea have to be shaking their heads at DMV Dolores for asking to see a license and registration of a kid that still pees the bed to a mom that wanted to let her kids ride around in a Power Wheels in a park instead of driving the entire family off a cliff following 10 weeks of being quarantined together inside.

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact some of them wear their shirts around their waists like 90s grunge singers or Large while he's playing tennis at his country club.