Mike Woodson Is Apparently Going To Get An Interview For The Knicks Head Coaching Job

I imagine Knicks fans are split about interviewing another retread coach since Knicks fans always seem to be split over every topic that isn't Fuck James Dolan. But I'm personally fine with this news. Any coach that was able to lead the Knicks to a 50+ win season and the 2nd round of the playoffs at Occupied MSG deserves an interview for the Knicks job any time it becomes available for the rest of his life. I'm not saying you hire the man. But being able to get JR Smith to embrace the bench to the point he became Sixth Man of the Year, getting a career year out of Me7o, and leading the most fun Knicks team I have experienced since the black cloud known as Kazoo Jimmy started hovering over The Garden is at least worth getting a free steak lunch in midtown whenever the Knicks job opens up, which is roughly once every two years. Not too shabby!

Even if you don't love Woodson as a coach for the team the Knicks currently have or hate how all the success of the 2012-13 season blew up immediately the next year (probably because of the idiots above him on the org chart along with vets like Jason Kidd and Sheed leaving), there is no denying the man not only can win as the Knicks coach but also has the cleanest goatee on the planet and is a legend of the gif game.

Orrrrrrr Leon Rose can go with the Chaos Option, which would be a blogger's paradise.