TV Talking Head Says NYC Murder Victim John Lennon "Wouldn't Be Safe In This City Right Now"

This December will mark 40 years since one of the most famous musicians on the planet was murdered in cold blood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. John Lennon, one of The Beatles, getting killed in his adopted city of New York was one of the most infamous homicides of the 20th century. I was only 8 but I still remember being baffled as to why John Lennon, of all fucking people, got shot to death by a lunatic. As Don King would say, "only in America" (the U.S. leads the planet in "Murdered Beatles"). The news was so huge and stunning, Howard Cosell announced it live on "Monday Night Football".

Cosell calling the shooting like it was a seam route is unintentionally funny. Regardless, Lennon's murder shocked and saddened the world. He was a pivotal member of arguably the biggest band ever and he was slain for absolutely nothing. He was so beloved, his music was so impactful, and the grief was so deep, the city made a 2.5 acre memorial for him in Central Park (it's a cool little spot to check out before/after you blaze up at the Sheep Meadow).

But it's nice to know he...still wouldn't be safe in NYC 40 years after getting killed there...or something. Using a guy killed in NYC to make a point about the safety of NYC?

In addition to the talking head's apparent unawareness about Lennon being murdered in NYC, "he'd be hiding in his apartment" is a brutal statement. Putting aside for minute that you're shitting on a dead guy, John Lennon fucking loved protests. Was always down for one. Given his track record and political leanings, it's a safe bet that Lennon would be outside marching with a witty sign and not hiding like a real coward.

Cosell famously had the football-curious Lennon in the MNF booth a few years prior where the musician wouldn't rule out a much-hoped for reunion by The Beatles. The legendary play-caller bumped then-Governor Ronald Reagan in favor of Lennon. And yeah, I know Lennon was no saint. But you can't help but think 'what if?' when you watch the clip.

Maybe tomorrow we find out if JFK would be safe in Dallas right now.