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Detroit's Unofficial Mayor, Trick Trick, Issues "No Fly Zone" For Non Resident Agitators

Detroit Free Press - The "No Fly Zone" has officially been reinstated in Detroit.

Made popular by Detroit recording artist Trick Trick, the No Fly Zone is a term he created to ban any outsiders in the music industry who did not have respect for the city and its artists.

Trick Trick and others used that same concept to address reported troublemakers from outside the city causing mayhem while participating in rallies over the weekend during Detroit City Council President Pro Tempore Mary Sheffield's rally Monday. The rally brought out dozens of supporters to the Detroit Association of Black Organizations in the Littlefield Community on Detroit's west side.

"I'd like to reinitiate the No Fly Zone to all those folks coming across Eight Mile and county lines to be disruptive in my city,' said Trick Trick, whose given name is Christian Mathis. "I am patrolling these streets daily and I will roll up on you. You aren't going to tear up my city."

“I understand the emotions and justified rage of those protesting the devaluing of Black and Brown lives all across this country and I share their pain," said Sheffield, who is one of the more vocals leaders in Detroit. "However, destroying our community and allowing others to deface our city is counterproductive and does nothing to advance the causes of ending racial injustices or achieving criminal justice reform.

"Let’s not contribute to taking the focus off the victims, or losing sight of the goal of bringing their murderers to justice."

Many, including Detroit Police Chief James Craig, have said they believe the agitators that have participated in protests in front of Detroit Public Safety Headquarters and have spread across downtown, are from the suburbs of Detroit or from another state. Of the 84 arrests made Saturday night, chief Craig said many of them lived outside of the Detroit city limits, with some coming from as far away as Tennessee. The Free Press has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Detroit police to try to verify those claims.

LOVE this move by Trick Trick. That's taking charge.

(Stop. Dante, who the fuck is Trick Trick?)

For anybody from Eastern Michigan, Trick Trick needs no introduction. 

For those unfamiliar- as I stated in the blog title, Trick Trick is the "unofficial mayor of Detroit" (basically) and has been for 20 years. Maybe more. 

Nothing moves in the city of Detroit without his ok. Nobody makes money (entertainment-wise) without his blessing.

He's basically the rap version of Mike Madigan. But with integrity.

He's most known for his absolute banger with Eminem - "Welcome to Detroit City"

What an anthem. 

He's also known for instituting his "no-fly" on Ricky Rozay back in 2014.

MTV - The rumor goes that Trick Trick organized a mob of people to meet Rick Ross at the Chene Park Amphitheater and bar him for entering the venue. Rozay has already shot down those reports and on Thursday (June 26), Trick posted a video on where he addresses things, as well. 

"Concerning myself and that individual, it's none of your motherf--kin' business," he barked at the camera, never referencing Rick Ross by name. "That's a grown man, I'm a grown man. Grown men don't put grown men business out to the motherf--kin' public."

In regards to this past weekend's protests and future ones, Trick Trick (Mr. Trick?), made it crystal clear that looting and vandalism of Detroit businesses will not be tolerated. 

He also brought out some other notable names to help deliver the message including Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence and Royce Da 59

Both emphasized the importance of not letting the message of justice and reform be lost to more violence.

None of this is new for Mr. Trick as it's all something he's echoed in the past as well. 

Metro Times - Trick has never been shy about weighing in on controversial local issues. When asked if Midtown's and downtown's upgrades are gentrification or upgrades, he opens up into a bit of a rant. "If it's fucked up and it's being fixed, just let it be fixed! If you live in a fucked up neighborhood, do something about it! If these muthafuckas done bought up all this property, that's because yo' ass didn't buy it first! People tell me I run Detroit, and I say, no. Dan Gilbert runs Detroit, I just enforce a certain area. I salute Dan Gilbert because he believed in my city and he's putting money into it. You muthafuckas ain't even smart enough to cut the old lady grass across the street and shovel the older people's snow in goddamn the wintertime! Ya'll don't do that shit no mo' — so quit getting mad when somebody come in this muthafucka and buy this bitch up because yo' ass didn't take care of it!

"People don't miss shit until it's gone. And when Detroit is gone to whoever the fuck wants to take care of this mutchafucka, so be it."

Guy has love and respect for his city. Have to love that.

ps- Couldn't post a blog about Detroit, Trick Trick, and include "Welcome to Detroit City" without including one of the greatest videos on the internet.