Here's The Latest Non Update On Baseball

Real quick here - say what you want about Jon Heyman and his ties to Boras Corp., but the dude is as plugged in as anyone not named Ken Rosenthal or maybe Jeff Passan. Typically what he says is true. But he has admittedly been REALLY wishy washy over the course of this whole negotiation. Today he says he hears with great confidence that there will be baseball. Yesterday he says...

There was more pessimism. Look is Heyman compromised? I don't know. Maybe? Probably? I do know that if I were in his position I'd sling tweets for the highest bidder to gain leverage every day of the week and twice on Sunday so long as they're paying me. But that's me. I'm not saying Heyman is as big of a sellout as I am. You can make your own call there. I choose to think he's a model journalist personally. 

But at the same time this just stinks to high heavens. I mean every day it's something different. This is what you need to do. You need to take it from me, someone not important enough to be compromised. This is what's happening:

The players and owners will (or already have) agreed on a lot of things. Shit like testing protocols, safety measures, universal DH and more. That much we all already know or can at least reasonably assume at this point, because all we're hearing about is money or games played. What we don't know is how many games they will play this season. Owners are offering 50ish. Players say they "want" 112. We all know neither are happening. What will happen though is they will meet in the middle and play baseball this summer. At this point I'm around 95% sure of that. 

We know this because I am saying so and I'm texting every single connection I have on the reg and you should just trust me on this. They'll meet somewhere in the middle, at this point around ~70 games (hopefully more), play an expanded playoff format (already agreed on) and we'll know when it's all starting soon. As I said earlier this week, a season will be underway mid-July. The only thing stoping this from happening is a second massive outbreak of corona. Give it until a week from today or so and baseball fans will be happy. That is unless all hell breaks loose which nobody is saying is outside the realm of possibility either at this point. 

¿Comprenden ustedes? 

"Si, WSD, te comprendemos"

Órale guey 

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