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Chick Calmly Wrangles Up A Giant Venomous Cobra Like She's Taking Out The Trash




Just another day in the life of wherever this was filmed.  A giant snake on the loose.  Who do we call?  The cops?  Animal control?  Some chick who came outta nowhere?  Yep!  That’ll do. I’d be willing to bet she appeared outta nowhere, wrangled up that giant snake and then vanished immediately after.  Like was she might’ve not even ever been there.  She was so cool, calm and collected the whole time.  One bite (one bite) and she’s probably dead.  No big deal.  She did the whole thing with a smile on her face while all of the pussies standing around her kept their ass cheeks clinched.  Pretty good display of the difference between men and women.  I would’ve tried to chop the snake’s head off with a shovel.  She calmly persuaded the snake to relax and caught it.  Both effective, just different.



PS- Bet she’s good with the D, am I right?