A WW2 Nazi Diary Was Found Containing Maps To Buried Treasure....LET'S GO

(NYP)--Roman Furmaniak, who leads the Silesian Bridge Foundation, told TFN he believes the location in Roztoka is the first of the 11 hiding places mentioned in the diary.

“Based on instructions I received from the Quedlinburgers, I believe I have located the well in the grounds of the palace,” Furmaniak told the news outlet.

Poland’s Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, ministry representative Magdalena Tomaszewska said the diary’s authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

In addition to the map, Furmaniak said there were additional documents in the diary, including ones that suggest after the Nazis illegally took the artifacts, witnesses were killed and their bodies were dumped in the well, with explosives used to seal the entrance.

The owners of Hochberg Palace are going to restore the building, which has been neglected for years. As the restoration work continues, there will also be a search for the buried well, TFN noted.

Let's. Fucking. GOOOOOOO. There is NOTHING more exciting than a treasure hunt. Absolutely nothing. The call to adventure. Running around in a far off land looking for glory and a get rich quick scheme. I saw this story this morning and started looking at flights to Poland. 28 TONS of gold. You find that and you're instantly a combination of Indiana Jones and Scrooge McDuck. A two week vacation across Europe and you come back with enough money to buy the Cubs from Tom Ricketts. That is a dream come true. Realistically though, I am not going to need my passport. I'd love to risk it all and head to old European castles diving into 200 foot wells looking for buried treasure. I just moved on Monday and I can't even find things that I packed myself and are 1000% located in my 800 sq ft apartment. I suck at finding things. I also suck at making plans. If I am going on a treasure hunt I am going to need hotels, rental cars, maps, probably things like visas. It's just too much. At the end of the day though, I am just excited to have new content on the History Channel when this eventually becomes a reality series about the search for Nazi Gold which has only been made 213 times so far. I'll leave the actual treasure hunting to the real ones