Dickie #Scoops Vitale Finally Dropped His Hot Scoop He Teased A Month Ago ... Anddddd It's Completely Wrong

Dickie Scoops baby! You may remember a month ago he teased that he had a hot, big, major scoop but it would take six weeks. 

His hot scoop? 

That's just how you tease in the big boy business. Everyone and their mother who doesn't pay attention to college hoops knew LSU and Arizona still needed to get their NOA's from the NCAA. It was a mere process of elimination of schools that have popped up in the FBI investigation into college hoops. Everyone else received theirs. 

But WAIT! As I was literally done this blog and scheduling it out, Jeff Goodman dropped this: 


He still couldn't get it right! So we got ourselves a source off between Goodman and Dickie V. Personally, I'm leaning Goodman here since you know the senior AD told the local paper such. Now they are going to get hit with NOA at some point. But Dickie V out here jumping the gun. 

But this is why I can't stop laughing at Dickie V. He legit thinks he's the only one who knew LSU was about to get hit with allegations. He's going to do the same when Arizona gets hit. He's been fucking bizarre during this whole process - going after Wade and Miller's job but not some others.

There's no one on social media like Dickie V. Videos taken the wrong way. Live Periscopes and tweets from random concerts. Periscopes sitting at restaurant tables where you only see half his face. Tweets where there's not one word spelled correctly. It's like a parody of PFT, just in the old man version who still calls college hoops games. 

#ScoopCity population Dickie V (maybe).