In Chicago Tonight There Was The Most Exhilarating Car Chase I've Ever Seen

I was at the point of the night where my stomach is arguing with my brain about whether or not I should get up and stuff my face with cheese right before bed. A battle that my brain loses almost nightly. Then all of a sudden this police chase popped on my timeline and I was enthralled. In all my years of watching "Cops" and Jason Bourne movies and playing GTA I don't think I've ever been as impressed with a car chase scene. Multiple cars. Escaping on foot. Driving on train tracks. The guy was unstoppable... until he wasn't. That 30 mins was exhilarating. No comment on how this happened or anything like that. I don't know any details about the situation. There is one incontrovertible fact and that is that this video was sensational and this guy should be a stunt driver whenever he gets out of his impending legal trouble. 

The table read version is basically just as good. Read the full thread if you can.