Rate My Golf Swing On A Scale Of 1 To Tiger Woods

10! 10! 10! 

In all seriousness I know the folks on Twitter had fun with it, but I was quite proud of that for my literally first swing of a club in my life that didn't happen on a mini golf course. And obviously I'm sure you're wondering if I am a weapon at mini golf after hearing that and the answer is ABSOLUTELY. 

Was Bob being sarcastic here? Sure. Do I care? No. Shoutout to my shoes for sticking that one out though. The left shoe sure has seen better days. 

There were even people saying it wasn't repulsive! THANK YOU PEOPLE! It was literally my first swing EVER. You think Ken Griffey Jr. hit a dinger in his first tee ball at-bat? Didn't think so.

And then some disagreeing with the above. Trashbags.

YET we got some comparisons to some of the greats. We'll start off with Uber Debbie. I've been saying I look like Uber Debbie for awhile now and I think tonight was that theories coming out party thanks to my quarantine #flow. 

Artie comparisons are always welcome on my page. My King.

Uber Debbie, Artie, and now Sir Charles? Find me a more iconic trio…I'll wait.

Anyways that was my first golf swing attempt. We progressed throughout the night to the point of me actually hitting the flag in the middle of the range before a monsoon reigned hell upon us. I'm fairly confident going forward that by maybe next golf szn (spring?) I'll be good enough to put up not the most disgusting score in the world. Either way…time will tell! 

We're live on Twitch now if you wanna come give me some pointers!