Watch This Guy Try to Recreate Kendall Jenner's Infamous Pepsi Ad

Obviously protests across this country continue to go on for an extremely serious issue that needs to be addressed. But I think a little levity in situations like this is ok and that's exactly what this guy gave us.

The last time this happened, Pepsi came out with a commercial that absolutely has to be on the Mount Rushmore of the worst ads ever created. It featured Kendall Jenner amongst a crowd of protestors giving a Pepsi to a cop and saving the day. It's actually hilarious how many people that got through before it made its way to the public and became immediately meme'd to death and universally ridiculed on the internet.

Well, this guy tried it in real life and surprisingly, the cop did not take a sip causing the crowd to erupt in a raucous cheer of unity. It turns out celebrities are not, in fact, just like us.

To be completely fair, though, you can tell at the end of the video it's a can of Coca-Cola. So the theory that this would have worked with Pepsi has not actually been entirely disproven.

Or maybe it has. I guess cops just don't really like soda.