Call Sign Chaos: Secretary Mattis Says President Trump Is Making A Mockery of the Constitution

“I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled,” Mattis writes. “The words ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand—one that all of us should be able to get behind. We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers. The protests are defined by tens of thousands of people of conscience who are insisting that we live up to our values—our values as people and our values as a nation.” He goes on, “We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.”

goodness gracious. I gotta be honest. I didn’t think this day was coming. Mattis has been quiet for so long after leaving that I just thought he’d stay giving 5-6 figure speeches and fish in his beloved Washington state. It would take something extraordinary to make him speak. That’s where 2020 steps in. Extraordinaries are daily occurrences now, bitch. We are about that life and so is Mattis after the mad dog was seemingly muzzled since leaving office. Jim went on to say, 

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us,” Mattis writes. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership. We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society. This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise; and to our children.”

Now, I don’t know what any of that means because I chose to stay out of politics, but it sounds bad. I do have one question for the General who signed my Purple Heart paperwork, 

“Secretary Mattis! Secretary Mattis! Chaps from Barstool Sports and Zero Blog 30! You say for 3 years in your op-Ed but you were the secretary of defense for the first 18 months. If you truly believed that, why didn’t you reach into your camouflage utility trousers, grab your coyote-colored ballsack, and open your bitch ass mouth when people still respected your opinion?”

I’ll take my answer off the air, Jim.