P.K. Subban Donates $50K to Gianna Floyd GoFundMe, Gets NHL to Match It

P.K. Subban is one of the best people in sports you will ever find. He is not only an awesome, fun player on the ice, but he's a great person who truly cares about community and helping people. Today, he donated $50,000 to the GoFundMe page for George Floyd's daughter and got the NHL to match his donation.

During his time in Montreal, he donated $10 million — 15 percent of his salary — over the course of several years to a children's hospital. When he was in Nashville, Subban started a program called Blue Line Buddies, which gave tickets to a Metro Nashville Police Department officer and an underprivileged kid to every home game to try to create better relationships with the police in the community — that program has continued in Nashville as well as being introduced to New Jersey when Subban was traded.

I just love P.K. and everything he's about. It's a lot easier to talk about change than to do something about it, and he's always been one to do something about it.

It's awesome to see someone so dedicated to using their platform to put what good they can in the world and P.K. will always be one of my favorites for all he did in Nashville and obviously across this country — and continent. Way to go, P.K.