YouTuber/Video Game Cosplay/Airsoft Player Arrested After Posing As A National Guard Member Yesterday In LA

Really weird story out of LA. Let's give some background. 

The guy above is Gregory Wong. According to his website, he served in the US Army from 2008-2014 and then was a reserve member from 2014-2016. Since then, Gregory Wong has become pretty well known as YouTube as Spartan117GW. 

His videos are based around AirSoft and the "tactical gear" that is recommended in each game/course. I'm not familiar with AirSoft, but I guess you can sign up with a team and compete against another team at courses. The video above is published by Airsoft GI, which is a site where you can buy Airsoft guns and "protection." 

Here is the full story on his arrest:

SOURCE-Authorities took an armed man into custody Monday night in downtown Los Angeles after he tried to pose as a member of the National Guard.

Sources tell ABC7 that Gregory Wong, 31, dressed in attire similar to a National Guard uniform and took an Uber to downtown while carrying an assault rifle.

He then fell into formation with real National Guard troops who have been brought in to help maintain order during some of the looting that has occurred near otherwise-peaceful protests.

Some of the other National Guard troops noticed him and called over Los Angeles Police Department officers.

Wong was arrested around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday for manufacturing or distribution of an assault weapon.

Sources say Wong is a former member of the National Guard.

His rifle was a "ghost gun" - a homemade weapon without a serial number.

God bless that Uber driver who saw him get inside in full tactical gear and still drove him to the protests. Must have just thought he was a National Guard member who overslept and needed to get to work ASAP. 

Let's say this is true and Wong just wanted to help….you just can't do that. The amount of things that could go wrong with an airsoft player posing as a National Guard member is insane. I could write a thesis on it. 

I guess another way to describe Wong is a "video game cosplay"


I've never heard of such thing. I know about comic-con and stuff when the nerds come together and pretend to be Zelda or whatever, is that video game cosplay? It would've been much better if this guy was just a Zelda cosplay, he would've been singled out by the National Guard a lot sooner.