It's Courtney Stodden In a Lettuce Bikini Serving Veggie Hot Dogs On Capitol Hill



Fox DC - TV personality Courtney Stodden made her way to Capitol Hill to serve up veggie dogs at Wednesday’s Congressional Veggie Dog Giveaway. Stodden made headlines when she was 16 years old for marrying actor Doug Hutchinson, who is 34 years her senior. The two have since divorced. Stodden, 19, represented PETA Wednesday when she wore a lettuce leaf bikini and handed out veggie dogs at the Rayburn House Office Building Courtyard. She says being a vegetarian makes her feel great inside and out.

When our forefathers founded this great nation, this is what they were fighting for. This is why Paul Revere road his horse a thousand miles. This is why Ben Franklin did whatever Ben Franklin did. So Courtney Stodden could stand on Capitol Hill in a lettuce wrap like she’s about to be served at PF Changs and shove veggie hot dogs into her mouth. The American Dream actualized. And her hot dog eating form folks? That doesn’t just spring up overnight. She’s had a few hot dogs in her day. (Cocks. I’m talking about cocks.)