People Getting Mad At Where Joe Lunardi Has Their Team For His 2021 Bracketology In June Is Why College Hoops Is The Best

Lunardi putting out an updated bracketology is lowkey fucking hilarious. I can't stop laughing at how much he loves brackets. Don't get me wrong, I love brackets too. But Lunardi holed up in his fake bunker putting out brackets when we still have no idea of finalized rosters is hilarious. There are still transfers, coaches to be hired, injuries, scheduling quirks, all of it. Yet here is Joey Brackets, ready to give you what will probably be a really accurate prediction of next year’s tournament seeds. 

But beyond that, my favorite insane people are those replying legit pissed at where he has their team. Look at some of these responses ranging from curiosity to actual anger: 

This is why college hoops is the best. It's June 3 and people are having text conversations about how pissed they are at Lunardi. You just don't get this anywhere else. It's the worst and best thing with college hoops. You have a group of people deciding what seed a team should be for an actual tournament. It's never 100% right, but also you have bracketologists putting out predictions in June and people getting pissed. These are the same people who think Lunardi has a say in what happens. 

This is why I always say college hoops will never die. Yes, the NCAA needs to change and we'll watch worse hoops if they don't. But we fucking love laundry. We love it so much that we get mad at Lunardi in June. Speaking of which how the hell does he have Kentucky as a 4 seed with Louisville as a 5 in the same region? Typical. 

Long live brackets. Need a real bunker though