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Bo Jackson Had To Explain To Adam Laroche's Son That He Is Bo Jackson And That Means Something



Poor Bo. Talk about a fall from grace. Bo used to wake up and piss excellence every day before dropping dingers and truck sticking linebackers. Now one of the greatest athletes ever has resorted to pumping his own tires to a 10 year old kid, talking about his Heisman Trophy and glory days back when he was a two sport star. How pissed do you think Bo was when the kid didn’t know who he was? Probably wanted to go Super Tecmo Bowl on his ass.  Reminds me of when Drama and Turtle were at the Bar Mitzva and Drama was screaming into the old dude’s ear “VIKING QUEST” in hopes that the old jewish guy would know who he was.  With all that said, Adam Laroche should be ashamed for raising a son that doesn’t know who the great Bo Jackson is.  Terrible parenting in my opinion.  He should throw out the kid’s Xbox and force him to watch Bo Knows next time it’s on.
Big Cat’s Note – The real problem here isn’t that Adam Laroche didn’t teach his kid about Bo Jackson, it’s that Adam Laroche didn’t teach his kid how to be a bullshiter. “oh yeah, Bo Jackson, yeah you were that guy who did that thing, wow, what an honor to meet you”. Done and done.