Adam Sandler's "The Wedding Singer" Deserves More Respect

The most common answers when asked "What's the best Adam Sandler movie?" typically are Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. Maybe even Waterboy

Those rightfully have their place in 80's and 90's kids lists of favorite movies growing up, but I'm here to make the case for another 90's classic of Sandler's "The Wedding Singer". 

Robbie Hart may be Sandler's most likable character. It's the first of the now trio of movies that Sandler and Drew Barrymore played love interests in and by far the best one. 

Steve Buscemi's best role in a Sandler movie? Hands down, yes. 

There's always a part of everyone at a wedding reception equally hoping that the best man does or doesn't do a speech like this. 

Then the quick "oooh I like her" while he's recovering at the bar before George gets booed off the stage is a classic one liner that is guaranteed to get a big laugh out of one other dude at a social gathering that breaks the awkwardness for you being there. 

Not to mention Allen Covert, one of Sandler's regulars, also delivers his best role in a Sandman production. 

"Marry you? I'm just trying to get someone to play with your ding-dong". 

Speaking of a hell of a cameo - how about Jon Lovitz? You can't tell me there hasn't been a time when talking about dancing that you haven't gone to the "well good lucking finding someone who can move and shake like thissss shimmy"

This is a top-3 Sandler scene. 

There's been multiple college radio shows I hosted that included his outbreak to the bride's dad in the intro because I HAD A MIC SO YOU WILL LISTEN. And who isn't talking about their own version of the "mutants at table 9" when planning their own wedding. I know I did - even if my wife didn't get it. 


The bad thing is if you don't know about the mutants at table 9 then I got bad news for you…you're probably the mutants at table 9. 

It's tough to get by Happy Gilmore. That has to be the best overall. The idea, the characters, Shooter. Billy Madison is probably the most quotable and slapstick from our childhood that we'd laugh at without knowing what the hell we were even laughing at. 

The amount of times I yelled "69!" and laughed afterwards in third grade when our teacher would tell us to open our books was probably super alarming for Mrs. Lathrop (RIP).

Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison are the Family Guy and Simpsons while The Wedding Singer is the weird smaller niche crowd who voices their love for American Dad.

All I'm saying is when the conversation comes up about Sandler 90's movies, don't forget to give The Wedding Singer some love.